I’m Back

Can I really say that I’m back if I never really started?

Probably. I was here for a bit, so I’m going to stick with my original post title. I’m finally back, after many months of trying to figure out all of my writing plans. Expediency is not always my best skill set.

Here’s the plan: I don’t have one. Well, I have a bit of one. I’m reading more, and I’m going to be watching a giant stack of DVD’s that have piled up. I will be putting up my responses (I hesitate to call them reviews) as I write them, but they won’t be on any sort of regular schedule.

I hope that all of you who followed me the first time continue to do so, and everyone who’s stumbles across this blog finds it interesting. Wish me luck.


I Got Lost Again


If you happen to follow my Potter blog then you may have noticed that it’s been having mostly regular updates. Unfortunately, Lost Between the Lines hasn’t been as lucky. I’m in the process of mapping out and planning both this blog and In Fear of Blank Pages, but I don’t have a date yet, so both are on hiatus until further notice.

I didn’t want to leave you all in the dark. If you’re interested, you can continue to follow me here or on twitter. I’ll try to keep you as updated as I possibly can. My HP blog, my twitter account, and my tumblr page are all active, although my tumblr is mostly reblogs of cool stuff.

Happy Holidays.


Brigid’s Bookshelf: An Introductory Course

Ah. Alliteration, I love it so.

Anyway, I’m not a literary critic nor will I pretend to know what I’m talking about enough to decree what is “good” and what is “bad.” (Honestly, I’m not always convinced that most literary critics know that either.) However, I do know what I like and since all I seem to do is read, I thought I’d share it with any interested parties.

The Bookshelf is simple enough on the surface: it’ll list all the books that I’ve read since I started to plan the blog. Some will be re-reads and others will be read for the first time, but all will be chosen by me. At times, they may be suggestions from trusted friends or books that are just too popular to ignore, but I am unread and new and have little to no influence on anyone, so don’t worry that someone has paid me to review a book.

I find ratings unhelpful except in the (extremely) rare occasion in which a reviewer has taste very similar to mine. Since that is the case, I will categorize each book as one of the following: Buy, Borrow, Skim, and Skip, which I shall (with great amusement) call my B/S system.

Mapping the Library

So, my whole plan for the blog didn’t work out all that well. A whole lot of stuff happened at once, including being moved to the couch (without my beloved desk) for a long period of time due to family visits. Anyway, that experiment was a failure, so I’m starting a new one. Well, it’s the same one, but in a whole new year, so we’ll call it new.

I’ll be updating every Wednesday and if that changes my schedule will be under What’s On the Pages. It’ll be the same stuff as I intended the first time ’round: all things nerd. Well, except for my writing-focused stuff and my HP stuff which will be on my other blogs. I may post on other days if I find that I have more to be said than can be done in a single weekly post. Sometimes, the post will be boring or short or uninteresting. I warned you.

Next post will be up on Wednesday (unless I get inspired earlier). I’ll see you all then!